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The boy who stopped the world from crying

By Christopher Johnson


Is our flag ship book for our kids books online property.  This means nothing to you!


The cool thing is that we believe that there is a total lack free books for kids online.  So we have made our book The boy who stopped the world from crying totally free you can get yours copy to day by Clicking here  this book comes with colouring sheets, audio book and streaming video book totally FREE.

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The book is a beautiful story about a young monster named Walt who doesn’t care about the environment at all.  Until one day he is visited by the Earth in a dream and taken on a journey.   The Earth show Walt the damage that is being done to the environment.

The most important thing in this story is that Walt is shown by the Earth in a cool way how his simple actions can help the world in a great way.  Walt is then named the earths greatest champion and begins his quest to help the world.

Walt then recruits and teaches other monsters about the environment.  The story is incredible engaging it is being used in a number of schools already.

We have received a lot of positive feedback on  

We are however only giving the digital version of the book away free on our website. It is not available for free anywhere else.

Here is what each copy comes with:-

  • Digital copy of the book.
  • Colouring sheets.
  • Audio Book.
  • Streaming copy of the book.

Why am I doing this…..

I believe this book is of vital importance to the world and I want to get it in as many hands as I can thats why I’m giving it away Totally Free but at the same time I need help from people like your self to help me spread the word and build this book up.  So after you have picked up your free copy make sure you like and share my book with your friends so they can get their very own copy.




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