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Why am I giving stuff away?  Very simple number one it's cool to give stuff away everybody loves free stuff that's why I always take a couple of extra sugars every time I go to "maca's" lol and number 2 my business is just starting out and this is a great way to promote my awesome range of clean energy toys.  It's win win  : )

August prize has been sent out....

” Solar Tortoise  –  Enrique Mexico”

July's prize

” Solar Cricket Winner –  Roxanne united states”

Junes prize

” Solar penguin hut”

May's prize

” Solar powered robots”

April's prize

” Salt water powered car – Justin whoa thanks dude”

March's prize

” Water powered clock- Ben Australia Awesome thanks”

February's winner

” Water powered clock – Brian united states”

January's winner

” Salt water powered car- Kylie Australia”

Hey maybe this offer isn't for you but I'm trying to do a great thing in the  world by making solar toys available can you share my page so that your friends can have the opportunity to win a free solar toys and save the world.

This may be next months raffle prize

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