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Kyle 30 April 2013, A topic that too many people are uneducated on

"The key to our future is in educating future generations on the importance of taking care of our environment and consuming less raw materials, this book does that in a fun and inspiring way. Before long your child may even become one of Earth's champions."

By Robert, What I've learned 5 August 2013

"Great book by a young man that has aspirations and goals and a desire to do more . His story is so heart felt that it's as if you are there with him on his journey. GREAT read!"

Jo, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle 23 May 2013

"We talk to our kids all the time about how important it is to reduce, reuse and recycle and how this will help out planet in years to come. This book not only talks about it but in a way children can understand. It makes it fun and exciting, the characters are great and believable. I would recommend to any one one with kids."


"I like the book because he saves the world and I like it because it shows you how to recycle I would recommend everyone to read this book so that are earth can be clean and everyone can learn how to recycle."

By Teneille , Great for Kids!! 4 May 2013

Brilliantly written in a simple manner for our children to understand. A book that helps us to educate our kids in the simple things such as rain water tanks, and not to litter.


Justin, Great Educational Tool, April 30, 2013

What a great book for young children to read and learn about how we need to look after the environment/world. The language was easy to understand for all children to read and make sense of what was written. Hopefully with this book the next generation of young children worldwide learn the importance of reduce reuse recycle.

Tammy, Entertaining and educational, April 29, 2013

This book is great at teaching young children about saving energy, recycling and generally caring for our precious environment. The characters and colours kept my three year old entertained and wanting me to read it over and over again! He also wants to turn off every electrical item in the house! It's a great educational book on a very important topic. I would recommend this to all parents, child care workers and teachers. Well done!

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